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DJ, Producer, Nakedbeatz Music Owner & CEO

I’m S.L.B. (South London Boy) I started listening to music in general from a nipper from car journeys & other musical influences through growing up. I loved every style of music @ the age of 13/14. I started listening to radio stations such as sunrise and listening to house style acid and thought it was cool with the weird psychedelic noises. Later on I tuned in to a station called Pulse FM and thought it was great DJ’s on there was funny and deffo entertaining and I went to a few record shops where these DJ’s worked and wanted to get involved 3 of the DJ's that come into mind Skie, Nicky Black Market & Nick Power among others.

One day I asked DJ Skie to teach me how to mix and she showed me the basics and left me in the downstairs room of Total Music to adapt to mixin [brave lady letting a scrawny little kid mix]. I would save my dinner money from school to go buy from Blackmarket, Total Music & Music Power and meet up with other listeners from Pulse. And save my dinner money just to text in to the radio and send shouts across London which I thought was amazing been 14+.

My 1st ever rave was @ Lazerdrome called: Future that was on my 16th Birthday on N.Y.E and from then I was hooked on raving/ Clubbing and went to many night @ Roller Express, Astoria, Breakfast Club, Labyrinth, Island Ilford + Paradise Club.

I later got involved in setting up stations, and playing @ squat parties and working in record shops myself, R.O.A.R, Razor Records & Release the Groove.

I have also played on numerous pirate stations Feeling, Breeze, Rude, Rude Awakening, Kool FM & now Eruption.

I worked on an internet radio station called UKRumble & Nakedbeatz and now I DJ on Rise Radio weekly Sundays 18:00 - 20:00 GMT



DJ, Producer, Track Records Owner & CEO

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Mark Track, born in the Home Counties in 1976, is an artist whose love for great music has been ingrained since childhood. Growing up to the sounds of Sade, Luther Vandross, George Benson, Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan, Michael Jackson, and Janet Jackson, he developed a deep appreciation for great music.


In the early 1990s, Mark's musical journey took a huge turn when he was handed a YAMAN cassette mixed by LTJ BUKEM. The mesmerizing blend of sounds on that tape completely captivated him, leaving an indelible mark on his musical consciousness. By 1994, he found himself immersed in the vibrant clubbing scene, becoming a regular at iconic venues such as the Lazerdrome in Peckham, the Paradise club in Islington, and Bagleys. Additionally, he explored the energetic rave culture, attending renowned events like World Dance and the legendary Sanctuary in Milton Keynes.


In 1993, Mark's passion for music led him to a pivotal role at Track Records in Chesham. Here, he served as a purveyor of the freshest Drum n’ Bass and Jungle tracks, supplying the local DJs with cutting-edge sounds. This experience further fueled his enthusiasm for music, pushing him to expand his reach. During this period, he transitioned from playing house parties to curating his own events, the 'Cause n Effect' parties, held in local clubs and venues. Simultaneously, Mark began showcasing his skills on various internet radio stations, including U.K. Rumble, Gia Live, and NakedBeatz.


Although Mark had dabbled in music production throughout his journey, it was in the past five years that he felt the desire to elevate his craft to the next level. Witnessing the crowd's ecstatic response to his own productions ignited a deep sense of fulfillment within him. "Watching the crowd go crazy to one of my tunes is amazing, there’s nothing quite like it," he reflects.


Collaborating with his son and studio partner, Tommy Track, Mark founded Track Records as a platform for their own releases. They are excited about the future and the prospect of sharing their music with the world. Working closely with NakedBeatz, they have a plethora of forthcoming tracks that they can't wait for audiences to experience.


Mark Track's artistic journey is one fueled by a genuine passion for music. His upbringing and diverse musical influences, coupled with his immersive experiences in the clubbing and rave scenes, have shaped his unique sound. With an unwavering dedication to his craft, Mark Track and his studio partner, Tommy Track, are poised to make a significant impact on the music industry through their dynamic releases and electrifying performances.



DJ, Producer & Track Records Owner

Tommy Track, born in Milton Keynes in 2006, has been immersed in the world of music since childhood. Growing up with a DJ father, Mark Track, and a music teacher mother, Tommy was surrounded by music in every room, which greatly influenced his artistic journey.


Raised on a diverse musical palette, Tommy drew inspiration from a wide range of artists, including J.Majik, Photek, Peshay, LTJ Bukem, Goldie, Adam F, and Ram Trilogy. From an early age, he showcased his talents on the turntables, starting his DJ journey at the age of 11. However, Tommy's musical abilities extend beyond DJing; he is also an accomplished pianist, guitarist, and drummer.


At the age of 14, while most of his peers were focused on video games, Tommy had a different desire - to acquire Ableton Live and a MIDI keyboard. This marked the beginning of his venture into composition, as he sought to create his own music. Tommy's style encompasses a fusion of genres, including UK Garage and Liquid Drum 'n' Bass. With his innate ability to combine catchy top lines, rolling beats, and a funky edge, he has established his unique musical groove.


Tommy's talent hasn't gone unnoticed, even by his father, Mark Track, who proudly states, "There is literally no style this boy can't turn his hand to." Alongside a few collaborations and solo releases on Track Records, a label he co-owns, Tommy is eagerly looking forward to working with Nakedbeatz to share his music with a wider audience. His aspiration is to have his creations heard by all, leaving no stone unturned in his artistic exploration.


Tommy Track embodies the spirit of a versatile and driven artist, who combines his diverse musical influences with a passion for creating infectious and dynamic compositions. With a promising future ahead, Tommy is poised to make his mark on the music scene and captivate listeners with his unique blend of genres and unwavering creativity.


DJ, Award Winning Producer, Hazardous Musik Owner & CEO

DJ Papa Gee hails from the East End of London, cutting his teeth in the early underground dance scene, dabbling in a bit of Ragga, and nurturing himself nicely on Lover's Rock, Rare Groove & R'n'B.


The influences of London's pirate stations such as Centre-force, Station FM and Kiss, along with the legendary house parties of the day, helped mould Papa Gee's unique and intriguing flavour matched with his diverse and talented technique, resulting in the interesting and charismatic artist he has become today.


The early influence of Pirate Radio led Papa Gee & Junglist MC to perform live at the Roller Express Bar, giving them the opportunity to perform the supporting sets for The Five + Tenor's which lead them directly to the infamous Jungle Champion Sound Clash where they really made their mark.


By 1996 and with two years playing on Weekend Rush under his belt Papa Gee then went on to Cyndicate FM where he was at the forefront of bringing the Jungle vibes to the region playing with Pure Science, Heat & Sound-clash, to name but a few.


Papa Gee's transition into the studio was firmly cemented when Different Levels introduced Papa to Rizla & MC Stevie Hyper D (RIP) which resulted in the recordings of 'The First Step' Papa Gee's debut album which was immediately signed to Island Records.


By 1997 Papa Gee was spreading his magic on Kool FM and is still one of the stations long-standing much loved DJ's, gracing us with his flavour every Sunday afternoon.


By 1999 Papa Gee & Rampa (Pinnacle) had formed record label DETOX RECORDINGS working alongside DJ Magic from the Prisoner of Technology, jumping on board with Rooney & J-Rise this formidable team where a force to be reckoned with.


With the first release Calabasas & Dark Life, simultaneously Papa Gee was a resident at Twice As Nice, The Coliseum & The End club whilst being instrumental in the formation of the Tiamat Records with MC Piper, which lead to the release of '4 my dogz + Fun-da-birds & F1' a killer track of the day.


2000's Papa Gee has been rolling as the GO GETTERS with MC Curse and Junglist MC playing at Tenner Fever, Heat & Fever, United Dance & Jungle Fever 3, Pure Science, Kool FM Birthday Bash, Telepathy and Pyromaniacs to name but a few. Papa's road trip extended to Athens where he has played many festivals as well. GO GETTERS release their first single I'm A Go Getter along side Inside Information now known as Inside Info before forming his own record label Hazardous Musik in 2008 in which he continues to support the music he loves from The Future Junglist Movement of today.


Arceye-Logo-1.2-3D wro-nbk.png

DJ, Producer and Nakedbeatz Music Business Partner

Arceye UK, born in South London in 1980, is a versatile music artist with a deep passion for a wide range of genres. Influenced by legends such as Bob Marley, Burning Spear, Rick James, and Nas , Arceye's musical journey encompasses Reggae, Soul, Rare Groove, Hip Hop and more.

Arceye's love for music started at a young age, attending raves like World Dance when he was just 14. Exposed to the vibrant sounds of dub, jungle, and various sub-genres, he found himself drawn to the energetic beats and infectious rhythms. Immersed in the scene, Arceye collected tapes of World Dance and A.W.O.L in the mid '90s, fueling his growing love for the music.

With a desire to share his passion with others, Arceye began mixing soul and reggae using his father's record collection in his bedroom. Eventually playing music for friends at local house parties, he quickly gained recognition as a talented local DJ. Soon after, Arceye made his debut on the renowned radio station Breeze FM, collaborating with artists such as S.L.B and 2SHY, among many other budding artists at the time.

As time passed, Arceye continued to showcase his skills at various stations and club events, exploring and experimenting with different styles of drum and bass. In recent years, he has finally delved into producing drum and bass, and is exploring diverse soundscapes. Additionally, Arceye is a part owner of the Nakedbeatz Music Brand, further expanding his artistic endeavours and connecting with a broader audience.

Arceye UK is a dynamic artist, seamlessly blending elements from reggae, soul, rare groove, and his early influences in dub and jungle. With a rich musical background and a passion for creating diverse sound experiences, Arceye's music reflects his journey through different genres and his commitment to pushing boundaries. Expect a fusion of infectious rhythms, soulful melodies, and captivating beats when you dive into the vibrant world of Arceye UK.


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